I Love CrossFit

Because it makes me fit and helps me boost my confidence in every aspect of my life. I love seeing a lot of people changing their daily routines from a sedentary lifestyle into an active one because of CrossFit, making them fit every single day.

Favorite Workout

Any workout with pull-ups, I just love doing pull-ups.

Least Favorite Workout

Any workout with overhead squats, because it really hurts my back.

Fun Fact

When I’m about to do the WOD, I usually review everything: It’s prescribed movements, weights and repetitions. But in the actual workout, if it includes math where adding or subtracting the plates just to come up with the prescribed weights after every each round, I always get mixed-up. After the workout, I wonder why is it harder for me to do the movements compared to other athletes where it’s just easy for them. Someone points out that I’ve lifted a heavier weight and that’s because I always end up with the wrong computation.

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