Since I was in college, I was already into sports and the captain of my school’s basketball team. One of my friends introduced CrossFit to me when I was still playing basketball. He then told me that I can use it as strengthening and conditioning for basketball and ultimate frisbee but I never gave it a try. A few months after, I saw him posting some photos on Instagram and I was amazed that he participated in a CrossFit competition called Manila Throwdown. Afterwards, I contacted him and that was the beginning of my passion for CrossFit.

I Love CrossFit

Because anyone can do these workouts. They are scalable and give the same intensity regardless of your fitness level. It is the best way to be fit and healthy as all the movements are functional and applicable in our daily activities. I love seeing the community cheering and helping one another during a WOD, Workout Of the Day. It is truly inspiring to witness our athletes achieve better versions of themselves every single day and get motivated with their box mates and coaches.

I Coach

Because I want to help our athletes become fitter and stronger. With CrossFit, I coach our athletes proper form, technique and progressions so that intensity is maximized during a WOD, Workout of the Day. I feel the importance of coaching is to impart inspiration and motivation to our athletes, to be at their best and to cheer on the community to get strong. I’m reminded that who we are come from God and I am truly blessed He uses us at CrossFit Kalye Sikanan as His instruments in helping others to reach their full fitness potential.

Favorite Workout

Karen, because wall balls are kind of my weakness. I saw Karen as a good challenge to improve my skills. I deliberately made it my favorite to overcome my fear of wall balls. I would like to believe it worked. As they say, the biggest room in our lives is the room for improvement.

Least Favorite Workout

Fran because I had the painful experience of ripping my palms when I did it the first time which slowed me down for a few days, but now my goal is to beat my previous Fran time real soon.

Favorite Treat Meal

Baby Back Ribs, rich in protein and with LOTS of corn!

Fun Fact

I was able to watch the first Asia Championship in 2015 in Thailand. I was then on a break from CrossFit because I was still recovering from finger surgery. I had a bad fall during one of our Ultimate Frisbee competitions. I thought I won’t be able to do CrossFit again but while in Thailand, I had fun watching those amazingly strong athletes and was once again I was inspired to train. When I got home I started my training, I went through the CrossFit Level 1 training seminar and now I am a co-owner and a coach at CrossFit Kalye Sikanan and I can still play my other favorite sports which is Ultimate Frisbee. God is good and life is fun. 

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