I have always been athletic and competitive in sports, especially basketball and badminton during my younger years. However sports had to take a back seat during medical school and residency training. After finishing my residency training, I settled in getting a gym membership. Though it kept me active, it didn’t give me challenges I was looking for. I then settled with a lifestyle of no sports while concentrating on my medical practice that led to weight gain.

After years of sedentary lifestyle, I hired a personal trainer to help me lose weight and achieve my goal to join triathlons. I started joining short distance runs and eventually I tried marathons. Then it became my goal to run to run the 2013 Bataan Death March 102km Ultramarathon. I had to train for a year for that event. It was then that I came across an article talking about CrossFit as effective training for long distance runs. There were no CrossFit boxes in our area so I asked my trainer to include this program in our schedule. A year of runs and CrossFit helped me cross the 102km finish line. From there, my running and triathlon goals were side tracked but without any regrets. One WOD, workout of the day, let to other WODs and paved the way for CrossFit affiliate boxes to open in our province, including CrossFit Kalye Sikanan. CrossFit gave me the chance to be in the arena of competitive sports again. I was fortunate to win the 2013 and 2015 Manila Throwdowns for the female medium RX and Masters division, respectively. Also, it was a humbling experience to have competed with the other CrossFitters from different countries at the 2015 Asia Championship. CrossFit gave me a reason to work harder and be better not only for myself but for the benefit of my fellow CrossFitters in our community.

I Love CrossFit

Because it provides an environment of physical and mental challenge that can be overcome in a setting of a very supportive community who will push you to beat your doubts, fears and weaknesses. CrossFitters go through the same difficulty in each WOD. There is a sense of shared experiences that draws the community together and gives birth to an atmosphere of encouragement and support for each other towards the common goal of getting strong and healthy. It is this kind of environment that inspired me to pursue the CrossFit Level 1 training course.

I Coach

Because  I want to assist people reach their fitness goals and become better versions of themselves physically and mentally. I want to share what I know is effective and beneficial. CrossFit made me a cautious athlete and this awareness of safety is what I want to impart to my fellow CrossFitters. I want WODs done in a safe and fun environment. CrossFit is scientific and being in the medical field I trust it’s methodology.

Favorite Workout

MetCons, short for Metabolic Conditioning, like Cindy and Barbara.

Least Favorite Workout

The least I like are those that involve heights. I am scared of heights so any workout that has rope climbs give me the butterflies in the stomach but that doesn’t mean I’ll skip the WOD.

Favorite Treat Meal

I try to maintain a healthy diet too but after a breath-taking WOD, I sometimes treat myself with my comfort drink – hot chocolate!

Fun Fact

During the first Manila Team Throwdown, my friends and I were just learning double-unders. The first event was an elimination and it included double-unders. We settled in doing alternating single and double unders. Fortunately we placed last but was enough to proceed. We saw our ranking as our motivation to give our all and we ended up bagging the 2nd place in the throwdown.

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