Who CrossFit Kalye Sikanan Is


CrossFit Kalye Sikanan at Angeles City Clark Pampanga near San Fernando is an affiliate founded on the passion, not only for CrossFit itself, but on the mission of sharing and teaching CrossFit methodology to others. Our athletes want to be better versions of themselves in terms of physical strength, overall health, and self-confidence.

We are a box whose main concern is to see athletes working out in a safe environment under the supervision of trained CrossFit trainers. Our goal is to best serve the needs of our athletes with positive atmosphere. Our community thrives on encouragement and concern for one another.

CrossFit Kalye Sikanan around San Fernando at Angeles City Clark Pampanga provides our athletes with a way to achieve strength, endurance, stamina, speed, power, agility, flexibility, balance, coordination, and accuracy. But don’t think our scientific methods eliminate the fun factor of CrossFit. Our athletes work hard—and they have a great time while doing it.

Who CrossFit Kalye Sikanan Isn’t


CrossFit Kalye Sikanan will not be a source of stress for our athletes; instead will be a getaway from their daily routine. CrossFit Kalye Sikanan is an adult playground where athletes can push the limits on what their bodies can accomplish. This is our invitation to people in Tagalog: “Tara! Laro tayo sa Kalye!”

CrossFit Kalye Sikanan in Angeles City Clark Pampanga near San Fernando will not be a community that exists only within the four walls of the box. Camaraderie will go beyond the structure and into what is more important, which is life outside the box. “Ang Batang Kalye ay laging maasahan” for what life could offer as unknown and unknowable.

What Makes CrossFit Kalye Sikanan Unique


There are a number of CrossFit gyms out there, and the one thing that makes them different is its athletes. At CrossFit Kalye Sikanan in Angeles City Clark Pampanga, near San Fernando we have coaches who are committed to helping our athletes reach their goals safely and without injury. We are also lucky in that we have a diverse community. They are athletes of all ages and abilities, coming from all professions and walks of life. We are bonded by our desire to be strong, healthy, and fit. You will be hard-pressed to find a more welcoming CrossFit community than the one we have at CrossFit Kalye Sikanan.

We invite you to give us a try! Find out for yourself what makes the CrossFit Kalye Sikanan community so special.

CrossFit Kalye Sikanan

Lot 7 Blk 71 Poinsettia Avenue
Barangay Pampanga
Angeles City

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